There was a time in my life when I believed that slogans and mission statements were pure fluffware. I used to think that these were just lame outputs from people who otherwise could not produce anything concrete and worthwhile.  But age and experience have taught me that great accomplishments only come out of megalomaniacal ambitions in the human mind.  The slogans and mission statements are nothing but the verbal manifestations of such megalomaniacal ambitions.  If you are not able to capture your abstract ambition in a simple but a poetic slogan, perhaps you are not even clear about what you set out to achieve in the first place. How dangerous is that!  Besides, a perfect slogan unites everyone to perform harmoniously and with never dying enthusiasm.

Now, why am I meandering so much into this?

Here we are… its time for the 2018 kick off. We need to inject new enthusiasm and a fresh new perspective to product development. Sift is going great guns wherever we have deployed, both in performance and business benefits. But what else can we add to it? How else can we make it even more relevant? What else can be done to establish our technological supremacy?  This is when I have to remove my coder’s hat and wear that of the product VP. And invent a slogan!


– is what it will be. We all know that Data is the new oil. And it has immense hidden potential – ranging from making people prosperous to saving lives. All we had been doing all along (and will do in the future) using Sift is to “amplify the potential of our customer’s data”. Basically, the increased revenue that our customers make is proportional to how much Sift helped in amplifying their data potential.

There it is – simple, poetic, easy to remember and I said it first 🙂

Now, this makes everything to fall in line in product development. For example, consider this quintessential question – How do we prioritise a new product feature? Simple. We just have to answer one question – “How much does it help in amplifying the data potential”? How to ideate a new feature? Again, “think” about the nuts, bolts and the mechanics needed to amplify data potential…

We did our thinking, guided by our own slogan.  And we have not only discovered exciting features to build, but we have also identified what are our weak areas that makes it challenging for our customers to amplify their data potential. And the proud new roadmap is ready with no dissonance. I will not talk about the great disruptive features that we are going to add here but I am motivated, excited and confident of a bright new shining Sift!

Wow… how immatured I was to have thought that slogans are fluff stuff. And cheers to amplifying data potential !

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